Mmih Med

James Patterson, #1 N.Y. Times bestselling author

“A golf game against God—with the stakes—life and death? What a great concept! But it gets even better as Elliott Goodman plays golf with Leonardo da Vinci, W.C. Fields, John Lennon, and others. This daring book is a miracle, and, I think, quite possibly a classic.”

Lee Smith, award-winning author

“This is an audacious concept, and Bob Mitchell pulls it off brilliantly, giving us a crash course in the humanities along the way. A wise, funny, thought-provoking book.”

Bill Bradley, former U.S. Senator

“As in his other books, Bob Mitchell writes with his distinctive combination of wit, intelligence, and passion to capture the essence of sporting competition in the larger context of human frailty and struggle. Match Made in Heaven is a great read.”

Jim Nantz, CBS Sports

“Everyone who has ever played golf tries to avoid a hook. But in this case, Match Made in Heaven will have you hooked from the first page. It’s a brilliant story. Forget Nicklaus versus Palmer, Tiger against Phil, this is the most compelling 18-hole match ever played.”

Ann Liguori, author of A Passion for Golf: Celebrity Musings About the Game

“Bob Mitchell’s masterpiece, Match Made in Heaven, reveals his genius for weaving life’s wonderful lessons within a magical golf story. Golf truly is a metaphor for life. Bob’s fascinating book captures all these elements in a fun read. Here’s to Bob’s passion for the game and his ability to share it with others!”

Bob Costas, NBC and HBO

“An engaging and often hilarious account of a star-studded round, but here’s my question: What’s W.C. Fields doing playing the second hole, when you’d expect to find him on the 19th?”

Tim Finchem, Commissioner, PGA TOUR

“For the millions who love the game of golf, there is an understanding of the internal battles that arise over the course of 18 holes. Bob Mitchell elevates this theme to an entirely new level in Match Made in Heaven, a fascinating and fun read that explores the lessons golf can teach us.”

Linda Cohn, ESPN

“Bob Mitchell’s Match Made in Heaven is a journey like no other. You will feel like a time traveler without ever leaving a golf course. It is an emotional yet unpredictable ride from tee to green, where you find out the true meaning of sudden death!”

Jonathan S. Linen, Vice Chairman, American Express

Match Made in Heaven is much more than a tale about golf. It is a witty and humorous romp through life. It explores the good and the not so good in all of us through the lens of the greatest game ever played. Great fun!”

Christine Brennan, USA Today sports columnist and author of Best Seat in the House

“Bob Mitchell’s Match Made in Heaven is nothing but fun. It’s a great concept: one round of golf for your life. Who knew Picasso, Joan of Arc, and Abraham Lincoln even played golf, much less so well? This story, like the round itself, is enjoyable throughout.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A wholly charming hole-in-one.”

J. Michael Veron, author of The Greatest Player Who Never Lived, The Greatest Course That Never Was, and The Caddie

“Talk about meeting interesting characters on the golf course: Bob Mitchell takes us up close and personal with the greatest figures in history…. A new take on our grand old game with lots of entertaining twists and turns.”

Star-Telegram (Ft. Worth, TX)

“GRADE: A+. Enjoyable, funny and informative; one of the most unusual and most entertaining books I’ve read in years. It is witty at times, poignant at times; it’s outrageous, hilarious and emotional at others. Don’t miss Match Made in Heaven, where even the 19th hole is definitely refreshing.”

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